Nimma Nimma Lyrics – Coke Studio 9 Song – Shani Arshad

Nimma Nimma Lyrics are dedicated to mothers love and sung by Shani Arshad from coke studio 9 finale. Lyric of the track ‘NIMMA NIMA’ are penned down by Sabir Zafar.

Song Name: Nimma Nimma
Singer: Shani Arshad
Album: Season Finale, Coke Studio Season 9 #Cokestudio9
Lyrics by: Sabir Zafar
Music Directed by: Shani Arshad
Produced by: Strings

A warm tribute to a mother, ‘Nimma’ is about the yearning of adoration and sentimentality catching an ocean of feelings through the length of the track. Created and performed by music director, Shani Arshad. The kalam by Sabir Zafar hoists the bar considerably further. A compelling tune, underlining the eastern sensibilities with the string area and delicate drums to complement the soundscape – Shani’s warm and profound vocals are without a moment’s delay genuine and disastrous. The interim highlighting Sajid’s woodwind solo is especially unique as it interprets the feelings of the artist and the verses into the piece that reverberates through this profoundly moving and ardent tribute.

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Nimma Nimma Lyrics Shani Arshad, Season Finale, Coke Studio Season 9

Khaali jhoola jhool raha hai
bachpan saara bhool raha hai (x2),
lori mujh ko kaun sunaaye ni.

Khali jhoola jhool raha hai
bachpan sara bhool raha hai
lori mujhko kaun sunaye ni
nimma nimma dukh maayen ni (x2).

The empty cradle is swinging softly
my childhood memories are fading away
who will now sing me a lullaby?

tere bina to chain na aye maa
kya tujhe meri yaad na aye maa
thapki de ke kaun sulaaye ni
nimma nimma dukh maaen ni (x2).

A wistful sorrow lingers, o mother I can’t gain solace without you, mother
do you never think of me, mother?
whose hands will now pat me tenderly to sleep?
a wistful sorrow lingers, o mother.

prem patang bhi chhoot chali thi
saans ki dor bhi toot chali thi (x2),

charkhah kaatne wali budhiya
mujhse jaise rooth chali thi.

The kite of love slipped from my hands
the kite-string of life also got snapped
the old woman from childhood stories who used to spin the wheel
it is as if she became displeased and abandoned me.

Soona soona aangan laaga
ruk gaya charkhah toota dhaaga
main hoon tanha raat daraaye ni
nimma nimma dukh maayen ni (x2).

The courtyard of my home appeared desolate
the wheel stopped spinning, the thread snapped I am left all alone now,
and the dark night scares me
a wistful sorrow lingers, o mother.

god men teri kya yih taare
aankh michauli khelen saare (x2),

sunte hain kya yeh bhi lori
kya lagte hain tujh ko pyaare
tujhse lipat ke sote hain kya
chupke chupke rote hain kya
in ko bhi kya neend na aaye ni
nimma nimma dukh maaen ni (x2).

The stars in the sky sheltering in your lap
all of them playing blind man’s buff
do they now hear your lullaby?
do they now have your love and affection?
do they now sleep in your arms?
do they cry silent, secret tears?
do they also find it hard to sleep?
a wistful sorrow lingers, o mother.

Tere bina to chain na aaye maan
kya tujhe meri yaad nah aaye maan
thapki de ke kaun sulaaye ni
nimma nimma dukh maayein ni (x4).