Dil Kamla Lyrics – Coke Studio 9 – Natasha Khan, Faakhir Mehmood

Dil Kamla Lyrics Natasha Khan and Faakhir Mehmood sing a lovely full of energy song for the latest and final episode 7 of Coke Studio 9. Watch the Music video of Dil Kamla song with Lyrics from Coke Studio with English Translation. Download Mp3 Song of Dil Kamla below.

Song: Dil Kamla
Artist: Faakhir Mehmood, Natasha Khan
Music Director: Faakhir Mehmood
Producer / Director: Strings

A conventional Punjabi people, ‘Dil Kamla’ is a perfectly made cooperation performed in warm suggestions by Natasha Khan, with music chief Faakhir Mehmood. A delightfully sentimental single, ‘Dil Kamla’ parks itself in the simple listening class with the basic music plan consolidating consistently into the tune. The peaceful accordion pieces transport you to a recognizable warm place as Natasha and Faakhir meander through a bunch of sentimentalism. While the expansion of the exemplary pop-shake power harmony, and guitar riff drives the theme layered with the choir style harmonies that make a sensitive, and many-sided soundscape of a track you can’t get enough of.

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Dil Kamla Lyrics – Natasha Khan & Faakhir Mehmood, Coke Studio Season 9

Naina tarse mann barse (x7),

yaad tainu karna
jeena kadi marna (x2),

yaara je toon kol rahwen
deewa ishq da balda rahwe.

My eyes yearn to see you
your memory torments me I hover between a painful state of life and death
beloved, if you stay besides me
the lamp of love will keep on burning brightly.

Seene agg baldi (x2),
lagi naiyon taldi (x2),

seene agg baldi
lagi naiyon taldi
mukk challi jindri meri
bhulle mainoon yaad nah teri,

yeh del kamla (x2),
duhaiyan de yeh dil kamla
main har pal bin tire ruliya
kite vi toon nai milya
yeh del kamla.

A fire rages within my breast
my yearning for you does not subside I feel as if my life has ended
your memories let me have no peace
this crazed heart
this crazed heart cries out in distress I have suffered without you at each moment
but I have failed to find you anywhere
this crazed heart.

Teri yaad aandi rayi
nindraan udaandi rayi
doori maithon wekhi na gayi (x2).

Your memories stayed with me continuously
making my nights sleepless I could not bear this state of parting

mere kol aawen nah toon
mukhra wakhaawen nah toon
jaawaan kitthe dasse nah koyi.

You do not come to me
you deny me the sight of your beloved face
where do I go, can someone tell me?

yaad tainu karna
jeena kadi marna (x2),
yaara je toon kol rahwen
deewa ‘shq da balda rahwe
ye dil kamla
ye dil kamla
duhaaiyaan de ye dil kamla.

Main har pal bin tire ruliya
kitte vi toon naeen milya
ye dil kamla.

Teri raah wehnde wehnde akkhiyaan ch lau na rayi
arshaan te taare dubb gaye
haan saari raat aahwaan bharaan
eho main duawaan karaan
sohna mera mainoon dis paye.

Waiting and watching for you, my eyes have become blind
the stars in the skies have faded away
my nights pass in sighs of yearning I constantly pray to god that
my beloved might appear before me.

Yaad tainoon karna
jeena kadi marna (x2),
yaara je toon kol rahwen
deewa ‘ishq da balda rahwe

yih dil kamla (x2),
duhaaiyaan de yih dil kamla,
main har pal bin tire ruliya
kitte vi toon naeen milya
yih dil kamla.